Our specialty is designing, manufacturing and selling braided and twisted threads, laces and shoelaces, strings, elastic, technical threads and velcro.

We manufacture our products in a wide variety of finishes and technical treatments using high precision machine for each type of application.

We provide solutions for footwear, leather, draperies, nets, upholstery industries, etc.

Thanks to the design and control of elaboration process, each product obtains unchanging quality with the maximum resistance to achieve the best performance for users.


  • For 50 years we have provided services to the market as a manufacturer of threads, laces and shoelaces for industry, always from the base of innovation and creation.
  • From 1974 we have become a global specialist in footwear and related sector.
  • We work together with our clients to satisfy their current and future needs, creating new coatings, customized finishes, colors, forms, etc.
  • We offer personalized innovations for each client.
  • We have a wide range of colors and we also develop any color in our laboratory of sample creation.
  • We have a wide international commercial network in order to work hand in hand with our clients.

Environment, recycling

  • The environmental concern is an intrinsic value of Trencilo.
  • We recycle all the leftover materials from our production. In this way, we contribute to have a sustainable and cleaner planet.
  • We do not use any product or substance prohibited by WHO or any International Organization.

Eco-friendly, sustainable, recycled products

We manufacture threads and cords in 100% recycled polyester from plastic bottles, in 100% organic cotton, and in Linen, Jute, Hemp and Bamboo, environmentally friendly textile raw materials with a very reduced use of pesticides, fertilizers and synthetic herbicides. . Its production takes care of the planet, the health of consumers and the conditions of producers.

We also manufacture all types of braided threads in 100% recycled polyester, linen and cotton.

Lab & Lab test standard

  • Trencilo has an advanced and modern textile and dyeing laboratory with highly qualified staff. The laboratory is equipped with the latest technology machines and assisted by the systems of accurate color measurement.
  • All of our products follow rigorous quality controls based on the EFQM model of the European Union, a quality and excellence methodology, as a way to self-evaluation and determination of continuous improvement process.
  • We carry out any Test and Self-evaluation Form and follow OEKO TEX STANDARD,  REACH and ISO 14001.



  • Our factory in Vietnam has its own nursery for babies and children for employees. It is equipped with the best means and qualified staff, providing mothers and families with a safe and favorable environment, and improving work-life balance.


  • Manufacturer of threads, laces and shoelaces with 50 years of experience.
  • We work with companies that make innovation with latest generation products. We develop with them and for them.
  • We work internationally with a presence in most countries with a large commercial network. Our production centers are in Europe and Vietnam.
  • We are a dynamic and efficient company that can offer the most personalized and demanding service.
  • The technical finishes and the personalization of products are our difference.


  • We long for the consolidation of a leader company in service and innovation.
  • The entire world is our market, nevertheless, we will not lose sight of the close relationship with our clients.
  • We are among the best partners in innovation and in the capacity to adapt our products and services to the current needs of our clients and to the expectation of future applications.
  • The wide variety of products, the technical finishes developed for each application and our wide range of customized colors for each client are our difference.
  • We have a strict commitment to the environment.


  • We are the second generation of a family company.
  • Since its foundation, we have adapted and improved to meet the constant demands of the market.
    We believe in people as the main interlocutors to grow and improve.
  • We will provide our best know-how to the most demanding clients.
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