Braided and twisted laces and shoelaces

Laces and shoelaces are made by the last generation braiding machines. Our braided laces have extraordinary quality, unbreakable, with different structures, flat, round and oval.

We produce laces and shoelaces in a wide range of thicknesses, from 0.8mm to 20 mm, both in natural and artificial raw materials, such as Cotton, Polyester-Cotton, Textured Polyester, Polyester short cut fiber, high tenacity polyester, metallized, linen, Polyamide and polypropylene.

We also produce laces and shoelaces from Organic Cotton and recycled polyester of plastic bottles.

We produce laces and shoelaces with a wide variety of finishes and technical treatments such as waxed cotton (polishing), thermofix, water repellent, fireproof and other technical finishes.

The laces and shoelaces are delivered in bulk boxes, in measured reels or cut-to-size with transparent or colored plastic terminal and with metal terminals.

We can also supply the products in blister.

We produce any type of laces and shoelaces whatever its design. We customize our products in its structure, thickness, finish, treatment, color, format and even serigraph to the design that the client wants.

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