Technical threads and laces

We elaborate on request custom made technical threads and laces with advanced technological fibers: Aramid fibers such as Dyneema, Kevlar, fiberglass, etc, and also in special finishes like thermofix finish, bonded finish, fireproof finish, water repellent finish, antistatic finish, FRL, etc. for any kind of application in order to satisfy the customer needs.

Our technical products can be made from an existing product or we can create a totally new technical one.

We have the necessary means so that the research, development and innovation process (R + D + i) is carried out with the necessary rigor that always fulfills the requirements of the relevant standard.

Through the collaboration of all organizations that are part of our company, we have the capacity to meet the current and future market needs.

If you have any requirement of any kind of application, we remain at your entire disposition in order to contribute you our wide experience and knowledge through a transparent collaboration. In this way, it gives us both an opportunity for our common innovative vocation.

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