New designs

Our department of new designs continually studies products’ new applications and the improvement of the existing ones through the combination of raw materials, thicknesses, colors, finishes as well as the presentations of new formats.

For the industrialization of products that we consider new designs, in addition to the usual fiber raw materials that have been carefully selected, we use fibers that allow us to ensure compliance with the final specifications of the product.

Through the collaboration of all organizations that are part of our company, we have the capacity to meet the current and future market needs in terms of fashion, product customization, color variation, thicknesses and finishes that gives a distinguished result to the product in particular and for the creative industrialization in general.

If you have any requirement of any kind of application, we remain at your entire disposition in order to contribute you our wide experience and knowledge through a transparent collaboration. In this way, it gives us both an opportunity for our common innovative vocation.

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